Sunday, August 23, 2015

Question 14 - The model to the mercy is the murder!

Psalm 145:17 NKJV - "The LORD is righteousin all His ways, Gracious in all His works."
Psalm 103:8 NKJV - "The LORD is merciful and gracious, Slow to anger, and abounding in mercy."
Psalm 100:5 NKJV - "For the LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting, And His truth endures to all generations."
Isaiah 45:21 NKJV - "…And there is no other God besides Me, A just God and a Savior; There is none besides Me.".
1 Samuel 15:2-3 NKJV - ""Thus says the LORD of hosts: 'I will punish Amalek for what he did to Israel, how he ambushed him on the way when he came up from Egypt. 'Now go and attack Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and do not spare them. But kill both man and woman, infant and nursing child, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.' "[The offence preceded the punishment  by some four hundred years.]

                Mathew 5:38, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. This incident occurred according to this law. The inner meaning in this is, it is not good to be the remnants of a quarrel.

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